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Traveling head cutting machine

Traveling head cutting machine
Product Features

●Great accuracy in travel head displacement and cutting, ensured by the synchronized controls; 

●Travel head quick displacement speed;

●High power continuity;

●Low energy consumption;

●High reliablility, no primary maintenance required.

The dynamic breaking system stops the travel head in a very short time, avoiding wear and tear of the motor gear box unit, ordinary maintenance and granting maximum reliability.

The machine can be equipped with roll feeder.

Two hands operation, ensure the safety for the operator.

Product parameters
ModelCutting forceMotorCutting area sizeStrokeNet Weight

Special cutting area size, cutting force(pressure) and stroke parameters can be customized.

Product Option

Specific requirements:

● Increased daylight; 

Other material feeding options:

Automatic sliding table; ●Roller feeder;●Clamping beam feeder; ●Doble side belt feeding unit; ●Conveyor belt for feeding and cutting; ●Integral board feeder.

Application Industries
Application materials

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