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Zhicheng Machinery | Technology Innovation. Customer Focused.

Zhicheng Machinery is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic die cutting machine in China, with over 30 years of experience.

We focus on innovation and customer service: We have a team of committed, customer-focused designers, electrical and mechanical engineers, software developers and service technicians. The hydraulic die cutting machine and control systems can be customized, as per the specific ideas, needs, expectations of our customers.

Main products: Hydraulic die cutting machine, embossing machine, shoe vamp shaping machine and die cutting molds.

Application: Service for a wide variety of industries: abrasive, foam& packaging, footwear& leather goods, cosmetics, car interior, etc.

Development of Zhicheng Machinery:

    1990, The company director run a shop and sell shoe making tools, equipment in Daxin Road, Guangzhou city, China.

    1996, New factory built in Yancheng city, Jiangsu Province, China. Registered company name as Zhicheng Machinery.

    1990~2000, Mainly manufacture the shoe making machine, such as shoe vamp shaping machine.

    2001, From the year of 2001, Zhicheng mainly manufacture hydraulic die cutting machine and embossing machine.

    2004, Zhicheng brand hydraulic precision four column cutting machine and hydraulic plane cutting machine have already occupied 40% domestic market in China.

    2008, Hydraulic die cutting machine in big batch exported to South-east Asia countries, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

    2014, Developed the new product, leather belt embossing machine with double oil cylinders.

    2015, Manufactured big batch of automatic die cutting machine( Material auto-feeding by belt or integral plate board).

    2018, Manufactured the 300T and 500T large area size die cutting machine, for China automotive industry, machine with effective cutting area size 3300*2400mm, and 4700*1900mm.

Zhicheng Machinery’s mission: To optimize the customers' production process and improve customers' profit, by providing the latest technologies, excellent service.   


Machinery listFor making hydraulic cutting machine, high technology and high precision CNC equipment is the basic guarantee for production and the cutting machine quality. Zhicheng Machinery pay high attention to the workshop equipment for production. Please check machinery list and pictures in Zhicheng workshop in below link.


Workshop: Zhicheng machinery always manufacture the cutting machine in big batch. Finished machine picture in below link for check. 


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